Here’s some general dental information:

One-hour office whitening- is it for you?

In office one-hour teeth whitening is in my opinion, a wonderful idea that doesn’t consistently work. You might get results, but most of the time the whitening effect is minimal. I believe that your money would be better spent on home whitening trays. You can get better results with home whitening trays made by your dentist, or even over the counter white strips for that matter. I have observed one-hour whitening on several patients where I teach it at the University of Rochester and have never been impressed with the results.  The best one-hour whitening product that I have seen is called  “BEYOND”.  So if you really want the one-hour whitening try to find a dentist who offers  “BEYOND.”  If you call an office and they don’t have it but tell you their method is just as good, I wouldn’t believe them. Even if you do have one-hour teeth whitening most dentists will recommend the home whitening trays in conjunction with the procedure. There are several manufacturers out there but none, in my opinion, are really worth the money. Probably the absolute best whitening system available is Dr. Rod Kurthy’s of California KOR system. Several dentists have his system available. This system does get teeth dazzlingly white with very little sensitivity but it is expensive.  Some dentists charge up to $2,000 for the KOR whitening service.  In the office, we offer Opalescence trays for purchase, please acquire with the front desk about purchasing.
Don’t Suffer From Cold Sores Anymore…
Cold sores are very painful sores that occur in the mouth and are caused by the herpes virus. They are usually associated with stress and certain foods.   One very helpful preventive supplement is called L-lysine. This is an amino acid and is taken like any vitamin.  L-lysine levels are usually low in people who suffer from cold sores and can be taken on a daily basis to  help prevent the outbreak of the sores.  Chocolate is unfortunately not good for those who get cold sores, because chocolate contains the amino-acid l-alanine which helps cause cold sores to erupt. 
Another helpful daily supplement is zinc, which boosts the immune system and helps in dealing with stress. One trick that helps is using a pointer laser on the sore; being careful to keep it away from the eyes.  Your dentist can also apply medication that will immediately take the pain of cold sores away. 
It is important to note that most toothpastes and mouth rinses contain the foaming agent Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.  This chemical is a major cause of cold sores and should be avoided.  Closys II doesn’t contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. 

No More Cavities!
Cavities don’t just happen overnight. It takes about a year for a cavity to form and fortunately they can be prevented if you know what to do. Most beverages make cavities worse, even if they are sports drinks or diet drinks.  Cavities are caused by a number of factors some of which are of course the diet, genetics, immune system strength, dry mouth, and home care.  Some people have never had a cavity and seem to be immune to cavities; whether or not they take care of their teeth or not. 
However, most people do get cavities and there are very effective ways of preventing cavities if a little effort is put forth.  Dr. Ellie Phillps has developed an amazingly effective cavity prevention program that includes mouth rinses and dietary supplements. This program is effective against cavities, as well as gum disease, and includes the use of gum and mints.  For more info please contact us. 

Healthy Gums and a Healthy Heart

There is recent research that has proven that there can be toxic bacteria in the mouth that cause heart, liver, and kidney disease as well as other health problems. If a persons gums are not healthy, then they become inflamed or swollen and bleed easily. When swollen, the gums can leak and allow the bad bacteria into the mouth.  The bacteria can then settle into any organ that they come into contact with and cause a health problem.   
There are several products that are available today that can greatly help in reducing heart disease and gum disease. Although essential, brushing and flossing are no longer enough to maintain healthy gums- the bacteria need to be destroyed.  The first important thing that someone must do in order to maintain optimum health is to reduce the amount of toxic bacteria in their mouth. There is a specific test that can be performed to determine the level of bad bacteria in the mouth. Our own Dr. Ellie Phillips, from Rochester, has developed a proven method of eliminating bad bacteria of the mouth. She has also written a book on the subject. 
The next important factor is nutrition. There are several essential supplements that the body needs to maintain health. One very important supplement is Coenzyme Q-10 Coenzyme Q1.  This vitamin-like substance is essential for optimal cell energy production and is also called CoQ10, Q10, ubiquinone, and vitamin Q10.  CoQ10 is an antioxidant found in the mitochondria of every cell in the body, and is essential for producing energy for cell growth and maintenance; remember the Krebs cycle? Highest levels in the body are found in the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas; lowest levels in the lungs. Tissue levels decrease with age.  

Severe vitamin C deficiency can lead to scurvy and lack of collagen formation. Research has shown the link between vitamin C and immune response, specifically the impact of vitamin C on polymorphonuclear leukocytes (white blood cells).  A study of more than 12,000 people, reported in the Journal of Periodontology in 2000 found a significant relationship between low dietary levels of vitamin C (less than 60mg/day) and periodontal disease.   In the late 18th century, sailors away at sea would eat limes to prevent their gums from bleeding, as the limes are full of vitamin C. The relationship between vitamin C and periodontal disease is likely due to vitamin C's role in maintaining and repairing healthy connective tissue along with its antioxidant properties. 
Vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine vitamin," is made by the body with exposure to the sun. Deficiencies in vitamin D and calcium result in bone loss and increased inflammation. Vitamin D and calcium are essential for healthy teeth and bones and vitamin D can suppress inflammation associated with periodontal disease. The best way to synthesize vitamin D is with exposure to sunshine without sunscreen. Ten to 15 minutes of sun exposure twice a week to the face, arms, hands or back is usually enough to provide adequate vitamin D. People who have limited sun exposure might want to eat foods fortified with vitamin D such as milk, eggs, sardines and tuna fish or take a vitamin D supplement. 

Toothache on a Weekend?

It’s always best to call the office if you have a true dental emergency after hours. If you do find yourself with an emergency after hours, it’s best to call the office to get the emergency phone number listed in our voicemail message.  When someone has a severe toothache there are generally two reasons; an infection in the tooth, which means the nerve, is dead (yes; a tooth can still hurt if the nerve is dead) or an inflamed nerve in the tooth.  The dental treatment for both of these problems is basically the same -either root canal treatment or extraction of the tooth. If someone is in pain and can’t get to a dentist, then it is always a good idea to take antibiotics, which, your dentist can phone into a pharmacy for you if you call the dentist’s emergency number. 

What to do About Sensitive Teeth

If you have sensitive teeth, you are not alone.  One of the main causes of sensitive teeth is stress. The other is grinding your teeth, clenching your teeth, or having a bite that is not lined up correctly.  Often times people who have sensitive teeth, also have headaches.  There are many possible remedies for sensitive teeth. The first being the use of potassium nitrate on the teeth.  Another treatment for sensitive teeth is the wearing of a custom guard that is worn at night the stress on the teeth.   A dentist can also fabricate a special thin plastic tray that fits over the teeth that can hold potassium on the teeth to reduce sensitivity.  Learn more about these and other treatments by calling GVDG for more help. 

Bad Breath 

Bad breath also known as halitosis can be a very troubling problem. One reason for halitosis being such a problem is that when someone has bad breath they might not be aware of this because their nasal senses get used to the smell. The only people aware of the halitosis are family friends and coworkers.  Most of the time halitosis is caused by a problem in the mouth but can be caused by digestion problems. The place to start is by looking for problems in the mouth. The two most common sources of halitosis in the mouth is cavities and gum disease.  A dentist should treat cavities and gum disease both however.  One of the best over the counter mouth rinses for halitosis is Closys II.  Closys II works so well because it kills bacteria and eliminates odors.  You should rinse with a capful of Closys II for 60 three times a day if you have halitosis and it is best to use the Closys II toothpaste also.
Migraine Headaches 

Do you get frequent headaches?  Frequent headaches are most common in women, but anyone can get them.  Often, headaches are caused by muscle pain.  The muscles of the jaws get fatigued and become painful, sometimes causing intense pain.  The muscle pain can be caused by a variety of things such as teeth grinding or clenching or an incorrect bite. A dentist who is trained in treating headaches will be able to help diagnose the source of the headaches and provide a remedy. The FDA has approved a new dental device that is worn on the teeth at treat headaches and migraines.  Most dentists should know about treatment device. 

Sinus and Ear Infections

Ear or sinus infections can sometimes be very frustrating because they can be so very difficult to cure. There are however some remedies that can help tremendously. The first remedy that is remarkable and has helped many of my patients is called Xlear.  It can be ordered from and it is sprayed into the nose.  This will clear the sinuses because its active ingredient is Xylitol  which is a natural antibiotic.  Xylitol kills bacteria.  The fact that we move about 3000 gallons of air through the nose and into the lungs every day opens it to all kinds of pollution. Harmful bacteria living in the nose move into the ear canal or the sinuses to cause infections irritants there are the most common causes of allergies and asthma. 

There is a natural process to help; cleaning this nest regularly helps to remove bacteria as well as the irritants that trigger allergies and asthma.  Anytime a person has a problem that begins in the nose, cleaning it regularly should be a part of their treatment.  Our experience is that it is often the only part needed. Taming bacteria is a better idea than killing them. Find out why. 
There are three reasons nasal xylitol works as well as it does: xylitol decreases the adherence of harmful bacteria to the cells in our nose and selects for bacteria that cause fewer infections.
The concentration of xylitol stimulates our own defensive washing of the nose.
The xylitol decreases the concentration of salt in the airway surface fluid, which helps our own antibiotic substances there to be more effective—the problem with saline.

All of these are totally new concepts in medical practice. But they are concepts whose time has come because they provide a safe and reasonable option to some of the major health problems that we now face with infections and allergies.  Each of these concepts is discussed in the following three sections, with links to more detailed information and references.  

Covering the cells in our airway, underneath the mucus, is the airway surface fluid.  For places where the mucus is not present, or not working adequately, there are several substances in this fluid that, separately and together, work against bacteria.  These substances are salt sensitive; that is the higher the salt concentration, the less they work.  A center for work on these defenses is at the University of Iowa, where they are looking at what xylitol does to .  First of all, the word is getting out. This product was recently (April, 2004) named the number one new product in health food stores in the United States. That's not bad for the fourth year of business with no media advertising. Thanks!! to those users who have spread the word. Common Sense Medicine.

Why Nasal Xylitol Works on Allergies
  • A runny nose is our body's attempt to clean irritants from the nose.
  • The increases we have experienced in airway problems, both infectious and allergenic, coincide with our harmful use of drugs that block our normal defensive nasal cleaning.
  • Supporting other defenses is also a more healthy approach.
  • Allergies and asthma are triggered by irritants in the nose. Regularly clearing these irritants removes the triggers and reduces the problems.
  Covering the cells in our airway, underneath the mucus, is the airway surface fluid.  For places where the mucus is not present, or not working adequately, there are several substances in this fluid that, separately and together, work against bacteria. 
Quickly Straightening a few crooked teeth.

Sometimes someone is frustrated with their smile because there are a few out of place teeth.  The usual course of treatment is to get conventional braces or orthodontics. But, what if that is just out of the question?  If the cooked teeth are not too severe, there are other alternatives that can get the teeth to straighten up and come in line with the other teeth. One method is with a “retainer” type of appliance that has a wire on it that straightens the teeth. Another method is with an few “invisible” or clear trays that need to be worn for a few months depending on the severity of the situation.  

Unsightly Dark Fillings

Dark fillings that are so very common in many peoples back teeth.  They are quickly going out of style. I have listened to  a number of patients tell me how much they dislike their “Black” fillings in their back teeth. Not only are these fillings unsightly but they are also contain about 50% Mercury. Mercury, as you know, expands and contracts quite a bit when the temperature changes. That is why Mercury has been used in thermometers so much.  Please contact the office to inqure about more information.  

Hybridge Bridge 

You have probably heard of the hybrid bridge in the media and have wondered if it is for you. Well, the answer is, it might very well be!  The hybrid bridge is just what the name implies.  Similar to a hybrid car that runs on electricity and gas; a Hybrid Dental Bridge is a combination of dental implants that are placed in the jaw and a denture which is secured on top of the implants.  In other words several false teeth  (a denture) are placed on a few implants making it less expensive than replacing every missing tooth with an individual implant and crown.  

Our Notice of Nondiscrimination: 
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